Personal Mobile Spray Tans-We Come to You - Mobile Tans are what we do!
1.What day and time is best to schedule my appointment?  Monday-Friday from 5:00pm-8:30pm, 24-48 hour notice is appreciated.   If you are in a last minute bind please feel free to send a text or email to check if  we have an opening available. 
2. Do you have a location or a salon or is the company only mobile? Sunless Tans by EJ does not have a salon or location that customers can visit.
3. I do not live in the city limits of Bentonville, Rogers or Fayetteville.  Will you still come to my house?  There are specific areas that are considered to be within the standard service area please review "Non-Standard Service Areas" tab for details.
4. How long will my tan last?  If taken care of up to 10 days or longer
5. How do I take care of my tan? The most important thing to remember is to moisturize as much as possible.  Also it is very important to review the “What To Do Before /After Tan” tab for more information.
6. Do I need to buy a specific type of lotion to moisturize after my appointment? No, any over the counter lotions or moisturizers will do.
7. How much does it cost?  $35.00 for one session.  
8. Will it turn my skin orange?  NO-the solutions are all natural and organic.  The solutions use a bronzer so your color will look natural. Review the "Actual Spray Tan Results" tab to see a variety of skin tones and results.   
9. Are there specific medications, lotions or soap that can cause my tan to fade?  Please review the "What Can Affect Your Tan" tab for more details.
10. Can I buy a package?  Yes there are packages available.  Please review the "Cost, Discount & Package Deals" tab.
11. How often can I schedule an appointment?  As often as once a week
12. Are there different levels to choose from?  Yes, there are 3 different levels; light(level 8), medium (level 9), dark (level 10).
13. How do I know which level I will need?  Everyone starts out with the light level; even if they have been spray tanned before somewhere else.  The lightest solution will give you instant color and a nice tan.  From the first appointment you should be able to gauge if you would like to go darker for your next appointment. 
14. Can I tan in the nude?  It is not recommended,  it is very difficult to gauge the amount of color you have received if you do not have a tan line to gauge and by having a tan line you will be able to determine how long your tan has lasted. 
15. What do I wear?  I request that you wear a bottom, such as a bikini bottom or panties(many women choose a thong) and a top is optional.
16. I have sensitive skin will this cause me to break out?  If your face is sensitive I recommend you put a light layer of skin moisturizer before your tan appointment. 
17. What if I do not want my face sprayed?  That is perfectly fine. Please be sure you have a bronzer or makeup so your face and neck are evenly tanned. 
18. Can men get a spray tan?  Yes, they just have to be willing to moisturize their skin to keep the tan looking its best.